GIC Health case study
GIC Health case study
GIC Health case study
Climb & Tag staircase challenge

For staff to know where the staircase is and to use it outside of fire drills to contribute to overall health.

The Challenge

Some staff lacked knowledge - they did not know where the staircase was of how to access it. For staff who did know, being in office attire (e.g. high heels) was one major barrier that discouraged staff from taking the stairs. For others, the lack of motivation and simply forgetting were reasons given for not using the stairs.


The Solution 

  • Use of visual cues like signs at the lift button and footprints leading from the lifts to the stairs
  • Use of motivational messages on walls which linked taking the stairs to having a healthy lifestyle
  • Timing of the campaign was aligned with the start of the new year to tie in with the period of forming new year resolutions.
  • The campaign incorporated a fun element by making climbing the stairs a competition among colleagues with a fruit party prize for the winners.
  • To leverage on the power of peer influence, staff used social media to tag and challenge their friends. Staff realized that even colleagues who wore office attire were actively using the stairs and this influenced them to do so as well.


Key Insights

  • Make the campaign fun!
  • Design the campaign to be a social activity!
  • Pilot with a small group to learn before scaling.

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Impact in Numbers
Staff Reached
228 staff engaged to climb the stairs
Staff Trained

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