Sustainability in Singapore progress

This Celebration Board charts the progress and total impact of organisations as part of the Sustainability in Singapore Programme


Businesses across Singapore are taking action to implement behaviour change campaigns in there organisations.
Together they are making big impacts.

12 Organisations Involved

This includes offices, hotels, supermarkets and even a wildlife reserve. Organisations of all types and sizes can benefit from this behaviour change programme to improve sustainabilty and wellbeing.

12 Campaigns Completed

Organisations have made improvements to their energy use, waste production, and use of equipment. They have also tackled staff mental and physical wellbeing and created more comfortable environments for staff.

68 Behaviours Improved

From taking the stairs instead of the elevator or adjusting air conditioning settings to reconsidering how and where people work within a building, the Change Academy helps businesses identify the right behaviours for them and how to make them stick.

Swissôtel Energy Campaign
Getting employees involved in change


Through the behaviour change process Swissotel identified the importance of personal attention and positive engagement, as well as combining technical measures by the facilities management with behaviour change by team members.


They have implemented changes that are expected to save them over $60,000 a year from their first campaign.

23,000 Staff Reached

Organisations reached their staff through training, experiences, games, signage, induction and more.

180,000 kWh
average energy saving

Along with waste and water savings, plus benefits to employee health, well-being and experience.

18,000kg of CO2 Saved

...and these savings will continue year on year as the changes are embedded in the organisations

Join in to see your own change

The Sustainability in Singapore Change Academy is open. Register here to get started and learn new tools to bring about lasting change.

“The campaign material is a real eye opener. It is shocking to know how big our environmental impact is.


So shocking that it encourages change”


DP Architects

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