Swissôtel case study
Swissôtel Case Study
Swissôtel Case Study
Swissôtel Case Study
Working with staff to save energy in a Singapore Hotel

To build internal capability in organisational behavioural change techniques to drive energy savings within the hotel, which could be replicated in other applicable areas.

The Challenge

Sustainability is a core value of the Swissôtel brand which also drives and impacts the business functions and processes at Swissôtel Merchant Court, Singapore. We are committed to upholding industry leading standards and treating guests, colleagues and the environment with respect.


It is important to communicate the objective of sustainability to team members, and to foster motivation and encouragement. While most team members support the sustainability initiatives, their main concern is to ensure that guests' satisfaction is not compromised.

Skills Developed
  • Ability to develop and drive green campaigns
  • Overcoming behavioural barriers and flexibility to drive objectives
  • Greater adaptability with energy-saving mindset

The Sustainability in Singapore programme offers free training and guidance to organisations to tailor their own simple, but effective, behaviour change campaigns with targeted outcomes.

Want to get involved?
We are inviting more organisations to take part in 2023. If you are interested or have any questions, do feel free to drop an email to

[email protected]

Impact in Numbers
Staff Reached
Energy Saving
Saved (projected annual)
CO2e Saved
Staff Trained

"I have noticed that our team members are able to appreciate the importance of sustainability and promoting quality of living for our present and future generations." -  Rainer Tenius, General Manager of Swissôtel Merchant Court, Singapore

The Solution
  • The management is driven by bottom-line spending through energy conservation while team members acquired new knowledge and skill sets from participating in the campaign. Besides, being recognised collectively as a team who was also cited as a driver for the individuals.

  • Over the years, the team at Swissôtel Merchant Court had achieved great success with regard to energy conservation as team members and guests became more involved in environmental sustainability. Team members are also looking into improving the effectiveness and efficiency of current work processes with the tangible savings gained from this campaign.

Key Insights
  • Having a strong team that is committed to the campaign is critical to the success of the campaign

  • Personal attention and positive engagement is key to making people change their behavior. This was achieved by the daily walk around, sharing of results and by management ‘walking the talk’.

  • Consistency and clarity in the key messages of the campaign will make it easier to convince our target audience that it is a part of the organisation culture. 

  • Educating the target audience on the topic and empowering them will give them a “yes we can” feeling.

  • Combining technical measures by the facilities management and behavioural changes by team members will lead to significant savings in energy without compromising on service quality.  

  • The business is motivated by the monetary savings while team members are interested in gaining new knowledge and acquiring new skills from participating in the campaign.

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