GIC Energy case study
GIC Energy Case Study
GIC Energy Case Study
GIC Energy Case Study
Kill a Watt, Save a Dollar

To promote energy efficiency at the workplace by nudging behavioural changes towards energy savings

The Challenge

Some equipment and lights were being left on unnecessarily when they were not in use. Some staff lacked knowledge on how to switch the equipment on and off. For others a lack of motivation and simply forgetting were reasons identified for leaving equipment on unnecessarily.


The Solution

  • Floor representatives were engaged in a workshop to discuss barriers and motivators to changing employee behaviours using caterpillar voting boards.
  • Green apples with messages on them were given to all staff during the campaign as a reminder to look for the ‘green apple’ stickers to switch off equipment.
  • Talking to key users and system administrators to alleviate barriers
  • Easy signage and self-help instructions for AV equipment

The Sustainability in Singapore programme offers free training and guidance to organisations to tailor their own simple, but effective, behaviour change campaigns with targeted outcomes.

Want to get involved?
We are inviting more organisations to take part in 2023. If you are interested or have any questions, do feel free to drop an email to

[email protected]

Impact in Numbers
Staff Reached
332,800 kWh Saved (projected annual)
Energy Saving
$56,000 Saved (projected annual)
Saved (projected annual)
Key Insights
  • Willingness to learn about behaviour change and translate this into concrete actions that align with the culture of the organisation helps build a strong campaign
  • Personal engagement is important to create results
  • Desire to extend campaign to GIC global offices due to positive results experienced

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